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  • Selling My Home Now


    To achieve top dollar for your home in the shortest amount of time, takes a strategy!

    What do we do first?

    Schedule an in home consultation.  30 to 60 days prior to wanting to get your home on the market is not too early, in fact I would suggest that.  At the the consultation we will define your goals, your timeline and address all of your concerns.  I can advise you on things to do that will increase the sales price of your property and give you the greatest return on investment.  

    In order to having great success we need a great plan!

    What documents do we need?

    Survey-needs to have the state stamp on it
    Warranties- such as foundation, roof, HVAC etc.
    Extra Front Door key for lockbox or any other keys to out buildings
    Alarm Codes

    List of utility companies
    Average utility costs
    HOA contact information

    To schedule now please fill out the form.  I will contact you shortly.

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