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  • How Much is my Home Worth?

    What is a CMA?

    A CMA is an acronym for Comparative Market Analysis.  The CMA is an estimated market value of real estate properties.  It is not an appraisal.

    How is a CMA done?

    Basic property information is gathered which affects value of the property.  This information would include number of bedrooms, number of baths, livable square footage, garage size, lot size, location, condition, features and age of the property. The more information provided from the homeowner the more accurate the CMA will be.

    How is a CMA different from an Appraisal?

    The appraisal is done by a licensed professional.  The appraiser is generally hired by a lender when a buyer is getting a mortgage.  The lender wants a professional opinion of property value to determine if the property qualifies as sufficient collateral for a mortgage loan.  The appraiser actually visits the property, measures the structures, considers features and condition of the property.  Then compares this property with similar properties in the general area and makes adjustments plus and minus of value based on how the subject property compares to the sold properties.

    The CMA can be done by a Realtor as an estimated property value and a tool to advise sellers on a listing price or to advise buyers in determining a fair offering price.  A CMA done by a non professional is a CMA.  Unless the Realtor is also a Licensed Appraiser.  The vast majority of CMA reports done are really a "Blind CMA".

    What is a Blind CMA?

    A "Blind CMA" is a CMA prepared without seeing the property.  Generally property value reports and CMA's from online sources are not nearly as accurate as an appraisal or a real CMA. Visiting the property allows the person preparing the CMA an opportunity to evaluate property features that will move the property value needle up or down.   

    How do I get the most accurate value on my home?

    Please fill out the form and please provide as much relevant information about your home as you can.  Our CMA's are not generated by a computer.  I do your CMA based on the information you provide, public information and my 20 years of local knowledge and all done by hand.

    To increase the accuracy even more, please schedule an in home consultation with me.  


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